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Endure Survival’s mission is to help you protect yourself

With so many deals to choose from on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) it is a bit difficult to choose the right deals for you. We know you love the outdoors. We do too. From the incredible Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Western Slope and Eastern Plains we have a vast natural resource right here in our backyard. With so many outdoor recreational opportunities available in Colorado it is always a good idea to consider what threats are out there that you may need to protect yourself from. Generally, the outdoors are a very safe place. From rafting on a river to mountain biking, camping, fishing and hunting simply being in wild spaces presents a potential threat for example a sudden change in weather while you are fishing a high alpine lake or getting lost on what you plan to be a day hike turns into a survival situation when you find yourself lost in the woods with inadequate gear to spend the night outside. These are some of the most common occurrences that force everyday outdoor enthusiasts into survival situations.

Why is it that 99% of people who recreate in the outdoors don’t realize they need a survival kit?

The folks over at Endure Survival Kits have been trying to answer this question for years. They are always trying to learn what exactly it is that makes the majority of people who recreate in the outdoors simply unwilling to grasp the concept of investing in gear that can protect themselves. Endure Survival Kits provides smart survival education. Their goal is for you to learn the things needed to successfully navigate through all the misleading information out there that tends to lead people to believe primitive (bushcraft) and tactical (military) survival techniques are applicable for people today.

Additionally, the dramatization of outdoor survival in mainstream media is another problem. Many of the staged stunts and reality shows have complete disregard for practical survival techniques. For example, the folks over at Endure Survival Kits ALWAYS see people blowing on fires on the survival shows. Blowing on fires is not a smart survival technique. It can exhaust you and your energy is a precious thing in a survival situation. Simply using a smart survival fire starting technique combined with using the right tools can start a fire no matter what the conditions are while requiring no blowing on the fire.

We want you to be as safe as possible while recreating therefore, we hope you can take a moment and check out Endure Survival Kits. To start with, we recommend checking out the Basic Wilderness Survival Kit which provides protection for the basic four survival pillars: fire, shelter, water and signal:

The Endure Survival Basic Wilderness Survival Kit covers the survival essentials and is proven to protect you in case you find yourself in an unforeseen situation. We highly recommend that every who recreates in the outdoors consider investing in trusted tools of which are most likely to prevent injury or even death. A survival kit is like car insurance. You never intend to use it, but if you need to you are pretty darn happy you have it.

For more smart survival information and education check out Endure Survival’s Survival School.