What is LocaWild?

LocaWild is your Colorado outdoor adventure guide. The LocaWild community for the outdoors is currently only available in Colorado. LocaWild provides outdoor adventure recommendations by destination and activity. LocaWild uses Instagram to generate content from a wide array of outdoor destinations. LocaWild computes this information and provides you ideas for your next outdoor adventure based on Instagram’s wide audience of outdoor enthusiasts.


What type of activities are on LocaWild?

LocaWild is focussed on human powered, nature driven outdoor activities. Camping, Wildlife Watching, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Climbing, Paddlesports, Mountain Biking and Snowsports.


How do I make sure my outdoor adventures show up in my Past Trips on my LocaWild app?  

When you post your outdoor adventure photos to Instagram make sure to geo-tag that location. For more information on how exactly to do this visit: https://help.instagram.com/488619974671134


What do I do if the location I went to is not on LocaWild?

Nice job finding a new awesome outdoor destination LocaWild’s team did not! To add this destination to LocaWild the location needs to be added as a Facebook public location. Please follow these steps: https://www.facebook.com/help/175921872462772 and please let the LocaWild team know about this new location you created. Interested in doing this more often? Apply to become a LocaWild Ambassador.


How can I be more involved in LocaWild’s community?  

LocaWild’s Ambassador program is a community of die-hard outdoor enthusiasts that have an endless thirst for getting outdoors to pursue a specific human powered, nature driven outdoor activity.


How does LocaWild get so many destinations in its database?

 LocaWild’s team of outdoor content curators has created one of the most diverse sets of outdoor locations and the best photos that pertain to those locations and specific outdoor activities. LocaWild’s team has done this manually through personal vetting of outdoor recommendations. So you can feel confident your next adventure will be everything you expect.


Why does LocaWild do it?  

LocaWild believes our society has become disconnected with where we came from: nature. LocaWild aims to re-embed society into nature through transforming the fragmented outdoor into a one stop shop for the best outdoor adventure opportunities.


Who is LocaWild?

LocaWild is a small team of passionate outdoorsmen that believe you deserve to have all outdoor opportunities in Colorado at your fingertips.


When is LocaWild going to be available in other places aside from Colorado?  

LocaWild is working hard to achieve proof of concept in Colorado. Please help by giving us feedback HERE. When proof of concept is achieved LocaWild will launch in new areas as soon as that data is gathered.


Why should I trust LocaWild’s recommendations?

LocaWild uses the largest photo sharing platform, Instagram, to provide recommendations that are tried and trusted based on this large community of outdoor enthusiasts. Scroll through each destination to see fellow passionate outdoors enthusiasts experiences at those locations.


I’m not sure I trust people I don’t know, how can I find places I know are great?

Use LocaWild’s People tab to find new locations to explore based on Top LocaWild Seeker's past trips. Note: Instagram does not allow LocaWild to access your Instagram following/follower information but no need to sweat, just search for them on LocaWild or invite them to join so you can collaborate on awesome outdoor adventures together.


What does LocaWild do with my information?  

LocaWild follows your outdoor adventure activity for the sole purpose of providing you a more personal experience catered to the outdoor adventure activities you love. LocaWild does not share your information with third parties. For more information check out our Privacy Policy.






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