Perks are brought to you by our partner, Endure Survival 

Endure Survival helps you be the smart survivor you deserve to be so you don't have to be a search and rescue statistic. 

We know how hard it is to find smart survival information, and gear that is proven to save lives. We have been through the dreadful process of trying to learn survival and almost died because of it! Endure Survival provides smart survival gear and education so you can have the confidence you need to ENDURE a life-threatening incident. 


Endure Instant Shelter

Be a smart survivor with the Endure Instant Shelter. This 4mm thick bag traps your body heat around you and keeps you dry. It also acts as a visual signal as royal blue is the best color to be seen by search and rescue.

  • 65" x 38" and Lightweight (9 oz)
  • Includes instructions and proven tip sheet
  • By cutting a hole condensation will stay on outside of bag
  • Waterproof with glossy finish to wick water away

Endure Metal Match Kit

Be a fire starting hero with the this kit that comes pre-packed with cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly in a waterproof case, a ferrocerium rod with wood handle so it can be shaved off for tinder, tin-foil and an survival fire instruction sheet. 

  • 3/16" X 2"High-Quality European Flint
  • 3/8" Channeled, Easy to Shave Magnesium
  • Embedded into an African Padauk Wood Handle.
  • The striker is approximately 5 1/2" X 7/8" X 3/4" weighing about 1 oz. Entire kit weighs about 2 oz.

Endure Goatskin Survival Gloves

Be a smart survival by protecting your hands. Without the use of your hands the likelihood of your survival decreases significantly. Endure Goatskin Gloves will not shrink after they get wet and then dry. Goatskin is are supple yet durable.

  • Padded reinforced palms to ensure longevity
  • Double stitching for increased durability
  • Elastic wrist ensure gloves stay on
  • Keystone thumb design for maximum comfort and improved dexterity

Basic Wilderness Survival Kit

Be a smart survival and travel with the confidence needed to endure a life threatening incident. This kit contains the survival essentials: SHELTER ~ FIRE ~ SIGNAL ~ HYDRATION


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