What are the best alternatives to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado?

LocaWild allows you to explore Colorado based on your favorite activities. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Colorado if not the most popular in the entire state. However, Rocky Mountain National Park is only one part of the state. Colorado named Colorful Colorado for a good reason. Rocky Mountain National Park is mostly higher elevation terrain while Colorado holds much much more than just one National park. If you love to hike, fish, camp, paddle or wildlife watching in Colorado there are hundreds of opportunities for you. However, one common misconception is that one entity manages all of this land while in reality, many different land management agencies manage all of the public land in Colorado. 

Colorado has more than four million acres of public terrain. The state is filled with outdoor opportunity. The public owns 68% of Colorado's forests with the land manager being the U.S. Forest Service with 47 percent or 11.3 million acres. About three-quarters of the state’s high-elevation forests exist on United States Forest Service lands. The Bureau of Land Management oversees most of lower elevations shrublands, high deserts piñon-juniper and oak shrubland forests. Additionally, the National Park Service manages more than 380,00-acres or just 2% of these are with the borders of Rocky Mountain National Park. Therefore the most famous piece of land in the state is only responsible for only two percent!! The other 98% of the state is pretty amazing as well. Let's check it out!

Wait! Finding the perfect outdoor location for your next adventure is not an easy task. The amount of local outdoor recreational data that is available is so significant it makes it very difficult to navigate towards the information you need. For example, google Camping near Estes Park Colorado, and you will find all sorts of random results. LocaWild is your guide to wild spaces around you. Login with Instagram and explore Colorado based on the activities you love. Type in Estes Park, and you will see everything that is publically available not just Rocky Mountain National Park.

We built LocaWild because we love Colorado and want everyone to have easy access to the great outdoor opportunities this state has to offer. We believe outdoor recreational opportunities should be as easy as a few taps to get to the perfect destination.  We built LocaWild to give people easy access to wild spaces around them and the ability to explore based on the activities they love. LocaWild has aggregated all levels of recreational data. From city, county, state to federal lands and everything in between. 

There are many excellent land management agencies in Colorado in addition to the National Park Service. National Parks are fantastic places to visit, however, so are National Forests, Wilderness Areas, State Wildlife Areas, and even cities and counties in Colorado have world-class outdoor opportunities. From world-class rivers to fly fish and paddle through to world-class mountain peaks, backcountry huts, and even beautiful high mountain parks adorned with high country tundra, creeks, streams and even waterfalls. 

LocaWild's mission is to re-embed society back into nature. With the environment being such a vital resource we have come to a time in our human existence when we been more disconnected from where we came from more than any time in history. At LocaWild, we are continually asking ourselves, how might we enable greater awareness of our natural world? How might we create a world where nature and wildlife spaces are at the forefront of decision making. We are truly blessed with the privilege to call this earth our home. How might we perpetuate stewardship so the next generation can be informed and inspired citizens of the natural world? 

With a decade of experience producing films for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, LocaWild's CEO, Nick Clement, has a first-hand point of view on how big the gap is between nature awareness and the general population's lack of knowledge for natural spaces, wildlife and the importance of natural resource conservation and wildlife management. LocaWild is on a mission to educate and inspire awareness for the natural world. 

LocaWild helps outdoor enthusiasts explore Colorado based on the activities they love. Our mission is to re-embed society back into nature. We do this through an ios app enabling nature awareness through outdoor adventure and nature curriculum built in partnership with Denver non-profit: Environmental Learning for Kids.


How does LocaWild achieve this mission?

LocaWild has formed a partnership with Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) in Denver, Colorado. ELK and LocaWild are working to build nature education that meets Colorado's education standards. The state is moving towards focussing the education standards towards health and wellness which includes nature and the outdoors! The fact that the state is moving in this direction is promising news for the future of the natural world in Colorado. We believe nature education should be in every classroom and we are on a mission to make that happen in Colorado first.

Do you love to get outside in Colorado? 

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